Insurance and Billing

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Dr. Vrchota has no contracts with Insurance companies.  Those with private insurance may or may not be able to obtain re-imbursement from their insurance companies.

She has anticipated that the insurance programs would not be able to re-imburse her for the time needed for individualizing an Integrative Healing Plan. She does not want to trim her program down because many people have been helped by this approach, and cutting the program into smaller and more frequent visits is inconvenient for patients traveling a distance for her services.

Fee for service will be due at time of visit unless prior arrangements have been made.
Call for fees.

Doctor Vrchota is in the process of "Opting Out" of Medicare.
Once that process is complete, on July 1, 2004, she will be able to enter into a private contract with Medicare patients who wish to waive their rights for Medicare re-imbursement of that visit .  Medicare patients must know they can go to other providers who will provide health care under their insurance.  If a Medicare recipient enters into a private contract, then they agree to pay fee for service, and they may not submit their bill to Medicare for re-imbursement. Call if you want information sent to you about entering into a private contract.
Dr. Vrchota has not yet entered into any Medicare Contract with Integrative Health Care of Winona, so she cannot accept those with Medicare, Medicaid, or Champus, nor any government insurance program.   Therefore, she cannot see patients with any government assisted insurances.

Fee for Service Practice, all balances are due and payable at time of service. We will provide you with a receipt and billing codes that you may submit to your insurance compnay. We do not submit claims to any insurance company. Your insurance may or may not cover any or all of the fees for services at Integrative Health Care of Winona, PA (IHC of Winona). Medicare Patients: In order to provide you with the care that you came to Integrative Health Care of Winona, PA to receive, and because of medicare reimbursement and penalty policies, Dr. Karen Vrchota and Integrative Health Care of Winona, PA choose not to bill medicare for any of its services. Dr. Vrchota is in the process of "Opting out" of medicare, and anticipates this process will be in effect March 25th of 2004, and will become legally binding July 1st. 2004. Because of this decision, IHC of Winona is not eligible to receive any form of reimbursement from Medicare or from any organization that receives Medicare payments. Medicare has not excluded IHC of Winona from participation in any of its programs. After July 1st, 2004, Medicare recipients may enter into a private contract in which Medicare recipients waive the right of reimbursement from Medicare, and agree to pay fee for service. You have the right to seek and receive services being provided by IHC of Winona by another provider who does accept Medicare, and you are not compelled to sign agreements for these services from providers who have opted out of the Medicare program. Due to the Opt-out process being filed, IHC of Winona has not applied for or been accepted by any Medicare, Mediciaid, or Champus agencies. Therefore, we are unable to accept patients with Medicare or Medicaid, or Champus.