Clinic Location, Hours and Driving Directions
Dr. Teitelbaum's informative site on chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.
Dr. Richie Shoemaker's site discusses role of neurotoxins in chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.
Hemex Labs information on CFIDS coagulation blood profile/immune system activation of coagulation to see if heparin theraphy may help.
Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome Association of America
Fibromyalgia Network
General information on chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.
Excellent national patient support group and educational resource.
Minnesota-Midwest Holistic Physicians list
California Lyme Disease Association
Lyme Disease Association
Cheryl's Lyme Info
International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society
Diagnostic Hints and Treatment Guidelines for Lyme and Other Tick-Borne Illnesses