Spirit Quest

Spirit Quest (The Long Slow Fast)


Maria Musachio


You have probably heard of “The Incredible Journey”, but you have not yet heard about MY incredible journey. This is the story of how I went from , from overweight to average, from searching to knowing my purpose, from old age to youthfulness, and from fearful to courageous, all in the course of 10 days, plus the year running up to those 10 days.

My journey began a in March of 2018 when my doctor looked at my bloodwork and frowned. A low-carb diet was recommended due to pretty much high everything. I was 62, newly retired and feeling old, slow and overweight. Alright, I would try it.

It was hard! So different from what I was used to. And I am vegetarian so the allowance of meat for this diet was not helpful. But I persisted, day by day and started getting results. Weight started coming off. In May someone commented, “I’m glad someone’s getting skinny!” By August I had lost 35 pounds,

Something else happened in May. A close friend came to see me, all fired up. Not just about her recent vacation in AZ, but about fasting. She had lots of facts to promote its health benefits that were just what I was looking for: lower cholesterol, improved heart function, detoxification and more. She asked me to do a 10 day fast with her which I did. We were both amazed at how time expands when you fast. No shopping, no cooking, no planning, no cleaning up. The days just stretched out before us with endless potential. And the benefits were immediate. My joint pains were gone, all my inflammation disappeared, my mind was clear and I felt serene. It was great.

Then she dreamed up this big idea. Next year in March we could go to the Arizona desert and do a 30 day fast! Wow, I thought. Arizona in March sounds awesome. Not so sure about the fast. But what the heck, I wanted to be supportive of the dream, so I said ok. We had a vague and dreamy plan.

The next thing my friend got excited about, in December, was this “machine”, the FSM/Frequency Specific Microcurrent. Her enthusiasm was so great that I got one too, despite the high price tag. More about this later.

Our plans for the trip to AZ morphed several times during the winter, but by March we had been through a second extended fast and we were both low carb enthusiasts. We were ready to do this. My daughter gave my trip the nickname “Spirit Quest” which I loved!  My friend started her fast on Ash Wednesday, and I, a more moderate (less bold) participant, started 2 weeks later. I was going to try 16 days.

We started our fasts separately and met up in Phoenix AZ on my 6th day. I was a wreck and I told her so. I had fainted on day 5 and cracked my head on a tile floor. I’d been feeling nauseous and tired and it wasn’t going well.  She totally fixed me up, with minerals, a tall cool glass of cucumber celery juice from a nearby juice bar, and she sent me to bed that night with a lovely mug of warm vegetable broth that  settled me into a much needed deep sleep.

The next day we went into the desert, to our little cabin in Lost Dutchman State Park. The Spirit Quest began in earnest...

It’s hard to tell the story sequentially because everything began to flow, one thing into the next. We had been reading Steven Buhner‘s book, The Transformational Power of Fasting, and became inspired to simplify. We emptied our cabin of about half of the stuff we had brought along. It went back out to the van where it stayed, stuff we had thought we needed but really, not. The cabin became spacious and uncluttered, as did our minds. We meditated together every morning and again in the evening. In the spirit of self-discovery, we decided to practice silence each day, so from morning meditation (around 8 am) to evening meditation (around 5pm) we did not speak to each other. This was an amazing experience for me. Being alone with my thoughts had always seemed scary and I had really never spent time by, and with, myself. At the end of the first day of this practice I commented, “It was great! It was a totally pleasant and relaxing experience”. I began to give myself a small phrase to ponder during the day: How can I grow spiritually? How can I best serve others? What is God’s purpose for me? These phrases framed my spirit quest.

I also began singing every day. I had my autoharp, which my friend had encouraged me to bring along. I played for an hour, or two or three at a time, singing songs I had long forgotten, finding my voice and activating a joy I had lost touch with some time ago.

I began using my FSM machine in earnest. This is the key to my current feeling of youth. My friend assisted me in healing a ‘frozen shoulder’ injury stemming from a car accident 28 years ago. This relieved neck pain, restored my breathing and my breath (greatly improving my ability to sing), and relieved my constantly clenched jaw. I ran a frequency for fibromyalgia on my spine and relieved a nagging hip pain I’d been struggling with for the past year. I began to run “restore thyroid”  and “brain fog” daily. Then I added “anti-aging” and literally watched wrinkles disappear from my face! I ran a liver and kidney detox’ several times accompanied by a daily dose of psyllium to assist with detoxification. Then I started a nightly program called “sleep, extended”. I began to sleep eight hours a night which I hand not done in truly, years. I ran “fracture acute” to heal the head injury I received when I fainted, and “concussion” just in case. The fracture was completely healed in 10 days, though all the bruising was gone by the 6th day. I got so excited about the immediate results I was getting that I started a personal study of this amazing contraption, reading FSM in Pain Management by Carolyn McMakin DC, and signing up for a training seminar in November so I can spread this healing around!

A beautiful thing happened. My friend was reading a poem to me by Mary Oliver one evening. I had been pondering my future and what it held for me. Was I to begin a new career? Was I to focus my attention on an important political issue? Should my focus be local, within my community, or should I think bigger? And then her words came,”God put me here to find happiness…” It was so profoundly clear for me. It doesn’t matter what I do. Yes, I should do everything. But my purpose is to find happiness in everything I do and to bring happiness to every task, every situation, every relationship I encounter. Thank you Mary Oliver.

We had been doing a modified fast, that is, not a strict water fast. We had been supplementing with coconut water (8-12 oz/day and 1 carb per ounce) and a drink called Kavita, (probiotic based, 4-10 carbs per 16 ounces). We were also drinking a tsp of vegetable broth (Better than Boullion brand, 2 carbs/tsp.) in the evening. We tried water only for a day and decided against it because it caused us to feel unwell and very lethargic. Our spirit quest slowed and we felt less, not more, invested in the work we were doing.  During our stay in the desert I had been walking short trails each day, maybe a mile total, being mindful of my energy and not wanting to overdo it. My friend had gotten me to walk a longer trail earlier in the week and it had exhausted me. On day 14 I was feeling really good, so good that I decided to walk the 2.5 mile trail again. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it did not tax me as it had the first time I walked it. The following day, I walked it a second time adding a half mile segment and cutting my walking time by half an hour. The next day, my 16th and final day of fasting, I walked 3 and a half miles and returned with energy to spare! Those few supplements, along with the FSM treatments, seemed to bring us down the road to supreme wellbeing.

So, my Spirit Quest brought healing to my body, rejuvenation to my mind and fulfillment to my spirit. That’s my incredible journey. As I reflect on the experience, I am rather euphoric. I could never have imagined such amazing results. I feel younger, stronger, and smarter than I ever. My bond with my friend is so much richer for the experience of having supported each other through this process. When I walk back in to the life I stepped out of for two short weeks, I will be all new. It has been a long process, I made slow and steady progress, and the fast has changed my life for the better, and forever.

Frequency Specific Microcurrent

Your body is a flow of electricity. Right this second, electrons flowing are allowing you to think, move, digest, and heal.

What if someone uncovered a way to increase the flow of electrons, opening up plugged pathways, so that your body can heal itself naturally?

Carolyn McMakin, DC is that person. She found a list of frequencies associated with conditions and body tissues that could be combined in a unique way that could allow the body to let go of chronic conditions causing pain and suffering. She outlines her findings in two books; “Frequency Specific Microcurrent in Pain Management – Text Book” and “The Resonant Effect”

The text book is really a “How To” book, outlining important principles and precautions to effectively select and target frequencies that open healing pathways. She begins with straight forward musculoskeletal conditions, but quickly digresses to a story telling that highlights the importance skillful history taking. When the true “cause” of the energy blockage the triggered the pain is identified and treated, the pain melts away.

When a woman with recurrent back pain did not experience the typical quick resolution usually seen with Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM), she explored the circumstances of onset. She had been sick in bed with a virus, when her boyfriend left her. She had to haul the trash can out to the curb, so in her robe and bunny slippers, coughing and crying, she lifted the can to the curb, straining her back. Frequencies aimed at “viral condition” and “emotional component” resulted in complete and permanent resolution of years of disabling back pain. This “aha” moment lead Dr. McMakin to develop over 2000 protocols that have been observed to resolve complex and long standing conditions.

Her second book is more personal, and unfolds her life story mixed with the development of FSM. A unique feeling occurs when she has an idea that may resolve the patients condition. She comically describes it a little bird sitting on her shoulder, asking her questions, giving her hints. When she looks at a list of frequencies, the most important ones seem to stand out in bold print. She published a review article on a phenomena known as "The Smoosh”. When a frequency is correct, muscles nearby will go from feeling sleek and sinewy to feeling soft, like a baggy full of pudding. At the same time the person feel pleasantly relaxed, and may fall into a deep sleep, and awaken with a marked reduction in pain symptoms. She uses the “smoosh” to guide her, as she tries a wide variety of frequencies that might be helpful. Then, if needed, she could program a “Homecare” unit to go home with the correct frequencies for that particular patients condition.

I had the opportunity to see her in action at her recent “Core Seminar” in Bloomington, MN. Looking clearly 20 years younger than her current age of 74, she taught from 9-7PM, then treated difficult patients brought in by local practitioners for another two hours. She showed no sign of fatigue, she was intellectually sharp, and entertaining. I thought “I think I’ll take what she’s having”. I committed to applying all my learning resources to understanding the skillful use of microcurrent resonant therapies.

Having just returned from my second “basics” course, we got to reverse chronic low back pain secondary to endometriosis and repeated abdominal surgery and scarring. We saw frozen shoulders become fluid and fully mobile. We saw chronic headaches resolve with one treatment. We witnessed limited range of motion in several people’s neck become more mobile and free. We felt anxiety melt away, we felt “endorphins” flowing.

The potential for healing through resonant frequencies seems immense. Explore “The Resonant Effect”, both the book, and her online classes to learn more.


Here is a list of research papers on Carolyn McMakin’s Blog:


This is a hour long introduction to the history, and current uses of FSM


Dr. Kondrot uses FSM for macular degeneration and various eye conditions:


Introduction on how to use InSpirStar frequency machine


The Transformational Power of Fasting by Stephen Buhner a reveiw

Disclaimer: This is a book review, and should not be mistaken for medical advise. Fasting should be done only with supervision of qualified health care provider.


Prolonged Fasting  has been heavily researched for 50 years, and has the potential to diminish and reverse many chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, arthritis, and chronic infections.  Periodic fasting can prolong life by as much as 30%. During the re-feeding phase and months to years later, people report and increased state of well being, and decreased cravings for foods they used to feel powerless against.

 Involuntary periodic fasting has been practiced since the beginning of life's existence  on earth, in times of deprivation due to war, famine, travel, winter. Humans evolved to this fasting stress by becoming rejuvenated, able to travel, fight, hunt, or plant for their next meal.

During times of fasting, one became acutely aware of their surroundings, and often a sense of spiritual enlightenment was felt.  Deliberate fasting became practiced in many cultures in times of transition to help people find their way from adolescence to adulthood, during middle age crisis, at the loss of a loved one,  and near time of death. A myriad of goals have included enlightenment, specific health goals, and a direction for their next move.

If only it weren't so hard to do...

"The Transformational Power of Fasting" brings forth the inspiration and information needed to intelligently decide if, when and how to do a fast that could save one's life.

Stephen Harrod Buhner, herbalist and earth poet, descends(ascends?) from a long line of healers, including surgeon general under President Eisenhower. But it was his great-grandmother, a midwife and herbalist, and great-grandfather Harrrod Buhner who inspired  him to investigate the natural world as a source of healing. He has written numerous books on Healing Lyme and Co-infections that have helped move the world closer to alleviating the devastating effects of tick-borne illness. He writes with delectable wit and insight from  broad and deep research, as well as personal experience on fasting.

He begins with the spiritual journey;

"There is a deeper self than the "I" that lives at the surface of our daily world. Each of us is born for a reason; there is a work we are here to do, some specific task that has been set before us. If we fail in the expression of this deeper self, if we do not find the work we are here to do, we find little in this life that can or will sustain us -- physical food alone is insufficient for being satisfied, for being filled or feeling full.

Given the nature of modern life, it is no wonder that the relationship between fasting, and the sacred, and the reason for which we were born has been forgotten."

"The soul has its own destiny, and the life of the "I" that we know as ourselves is only a small reflection of that larger destiny..... There is no memory or teaching in our culture that there is something special that our soul is here to do, that we live in the midst of the sacred, and the fact that there are processes that can help us remember this task and the sacredness of the world."  Spiritual fasting is a pathway to discovering what we are here to do and for gaining appreciation for the world around us. 

The emotional aspects of fasting are explored next. What is our relationship with food and how did it develop? Buhner explores his own relationship with food as an endearing example.

To be truly successful in changing our relationship with food, we must explore how our current relationship developed. How was food presented in our family of origin, and how did it change when we became responsible for choosing our own meals? How many of our interactions with others are around food, and how supportive are they when we make "healthy" changes that affect those interactions? When one is fasting, all of our relationships with food come to the surface, and they must be examined, contemplated, acknowledged. Only through awareness of our current relationship with food can we come to a new relationship that nourishes our body, emotions, and soul.

Lastly, Buhner embarks on the science of fasting, what happens at each stage and how it feels. This seems reassuring, when we feel dizzy and mentally slow as our body runs out of glucose to burn and starts burning ketones. Ketosis is different than diabetic ketoacidosis, which can be fatal. In ketosis, the body's natural buffering system continues to keep the pH in the optimal range. In ketoacidosis, the pH is shifted dangerously to metabolic acidosis, and the body begins to shut down systems. It's also different from starvation, in which the body digests its own muscles and organs to sustain life. In therapeutic fasting, muscle mass is overall preserved. He also answers the tough questions on detoxification and elimination that may need support during this time.

Most people can safely fast 4-30 days on their own (after consulting with their health practitioner) if they are reasonably healthy,  and precede and follow the fast with two weeks of all plant diet. Medical supervision is advised for any one with a health condition. Fasting has a number of contraindications, including anorexia and bulemia,  fragile health conditions, with insulin dependent diabetes, pregnant women, and those with rare essential fatty acid enzyme deficiencies making them unable to burn ketones.

From a medical point of view, I disagree with some of his recommendations. He recommends a low fat starchy whole foods diet 10 weeks before a prolonged fast, and I would recommend a higher fat Keto Vegan diet (such as KetoFlex 12/3) that would ease one into and out of fasting by already being in ketosis. 70% fats (avacado, nuts and seeds), 20 %protein (will come in low carb vegetables), and 10% carbohydrates is one ratio mentioned in a diet that imitates fasting.  This will increase ketones to 0.4-4 range and decrease blood sugar to 70-90 range. The fasting phase will keep blood sugars stable, and raise ketones to 4-8 range.  The body will be running on ketosis for energy to some extent before and after fasting, and less transitional "icky" feelings will arise going onto and going off of fasting phase.

In Stephen Buhner's poetic summary:

“When we consciously alter our relationship with food, we begin to make friends with our
body and ourselves.
We begin to trust what the body can do,  and let the body do what it has always been capable of doing.
We allow it to go where it uniquely knows to go.
We drop the reins on its neck and allow it to take us home.”


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Dr. Vrchota Reviews "The End of Alzheimer's" Dale Bredesen, MD

In 2017 Dr. Dale Bredesen  published “The End of Alzheimer's”, which is in marked contrast to the established medical community that states there is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease. Based on 20 years of basic science research, and more recent work in clinical setting, he states 50% of 125 patients are improved or markedly improved in 3-12 months, and stay improved as long as they continue to follow a program of diet and lifestyle changes.

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