Intro to the Feldenkrais Method

I invite anyone suffering from chronic pain to explore different healing pathways. Seek a highly experience instructor, and your chances of seeing significant improvement increases. Feldenkrais is one of those methods.

Mosen Feldenkrais was a brilliant physicist who found away to help the body work around blockages caused by past trauma, infection, ischemia, or toxins. He found the body has its own way of knowing how to move through space. Muscles can get "stuck" in a pattern that the body perceives is protecting it. Students of Feldenkrais method learn to move and notice ways in which the body is not moving correctly, then try minute changes, allowing the body to find new pathways to improved (graceful and pain free) function.

Participants may start classes online, but may benefit most from finding an instructor near them. The Twin Cities Feldenkrais link below (with Nick Strauss-Klein) has free online audio classes you can try to see if this is a method that connects with you. Lisa Walker is a resource for those in Redwing/Rochester area. (  ). Carol Ann Morris, Physical Therapist, GCFT is in Story, Iowa.