Dr. Vrchota Reviews "The End of Alzheimer's" Dale Bredesen, MD

In 2017 Dr. Dale Bredesen published “The End of Alzheimer's” which stunned the established medical community with news that there may actually be a cure for Alzheimer’s disease.

Based on 20 years of basic science research, and more recent work in clinical setting, he states 50% of 125 patients are improved or markedly improved in 3-12 months, and stay improved as long as they continue to follow a program of dietary and lifestyle changes. Once contributing causes are identified, they are addressed individually and corrected maximally. Then comes that work of changing diet, restoring sleep patterns, reducing stress response, exercising daily, and getting rid of mold and mycotoxins and infections.

The recommended KetoFlex 12/3 Diet aims to restore proper brain growth and increase insulin sensitivity. The “Keto” is because it causes mild ketosis and fuels the brain with ketones, bringing blood sugars into control fast, and “flex” because the allowed food groups can flex from paleo to vegan. The 12/3 refers to restricting eating to a 12 hour window, and stop eating at least 3 hours before bed.


The flex part is fascinating because I have long wondered over the continual food fights between vegans and paleo and autoimmune diet promoters. Dr. Bredesen ditched any pre-existing assumptions, and looked for what worked. He has read Dean Ornish MD Lifestyle medicine research, in which 500 gene expressions are changed in just 3 months. So he keeps plant based nutrition, but makes it low carb, to bring sugars into control, and adds some of the fats needed for brain health.

He has patients get keto and gluco meters to monitor and ensure blood sugars are 70-90 and ketones are 0.4-4.  The ketones, in small amounts, feed the damaged brain tissue. Normalizing blood sugars brings down insulin levels. That leaves an important enzyme that breaks down insulin and amyloid plaques free to just work on breaking down amyloid plaques. Removing debris from the information freeway, and clearing the way for normal brain function.

Dr. Bredesen outlines lab tests and special studies that help identify the type of Alzheimer’s disease, including a sleep apnea study, and a special type of brain MRI called NeuroQuant that quantifies how big certain parts of your brain are compared to the general population. This link can help you locate one near you.

Not all sleep studies are the same, and more than five apnea spells in an hour can increase your risk of mental decline, so be sure and get a Holistic Sleep Evaluation, where someone really listens to what is making you not sleep, makes recommendations, and then makes sure those problems are fixed. Every chronic illness I have read about gets much worse with inadequate sleep. CPAP will help those who can use it, and others can get some help with  oral devices, and “Singing for Snorers” by Alise Ojay, a program that tones the airways.

After establishing brain nourishing diet, solid sleep, regular exercise and meditation, he recommends specific nutritional support for new nerve growth, mitochondrial support (the batteries of the cells), and decreasing inflammation. I really like that he gives specific dosages and side effects that make the supplement appropriate or not in particular circumstances.

This is a work in progress. 50% of people did not get better yet. He is probably going to uncover key subgroups, that will each require nuanced treatment approach. But 50% is better than the previously best healing rate, which was ZERO.

For more information, watch Reversing Alzheimer’s Disease - Dr. Dale Bredesen, MD or listen to one of my favorite researchers, Daniel Amen, MD, (ADHD specialist) interview Bredesen and get stunning new insights.

MyBioHack.com  also has a lot of great information, though it recommends fatty meat as a source of fat which I disagree with. Dr. Bredesen also does not recommend eating fatty animal meat, he recommends plant based nutrition, with certain fish and occasional small amounts of pasture raised chicken or beef, used as a condiment rather than as a main dish. That said, the site is otherwise rich in resources, with specific information on supplements, that is generally correct.

You can also utilize this free memory test before and during treatment to track your progress.

Hope is on the horizon for preventing and reversing memory loss. There’s no time like the present to start saving your brain.

Happy Learning!