Frequency Specific Microcurrent

Your body is a flow of electricity. Right this second, electrons flowing are allowing you to think, move, digest, and heal. What if someone uncovered a way to increase the flow of electrons, opening up plugged pathways, so that your body can heal itself naturally?

Carolyn McMakin, DC is that person. She found a list of frequencies associated with conditions and body tissues that could be combined in a unique way that could allow the body to let go of chronic conditions causing pain and suffering. She outlines her findings in two books; “Frequency Specific Microcurrent in Pain Management – Text Book” and “The Resonant Effect”

The text book is really a “How To” book, outlining important principles and precautions to effectively select and target frequencies that open healing pathways. She begins with straight forward musculoskeletal conditions, but quickly digresses to a story telling that highlights the importance skillful history taking. When the true “cause” of the energy blockage the triggered the pain is identified and treated, the pain melts away.

When a woman with recurrent back pain did not experience the typical quick resolution usually seen with Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM), she explored the circumstances of onset. She had been sick in bed with a virus, when her boyfriend left her. She had to haul the trash can out to the curb, so in her robe and bunny slippers, coughing and crying, she lifted the can to the curb, straining her back. Frequencies aimed at “viral condition” and “emotional component” resulted in complete and permanent resolution of years of disabling back pain. This “aha” moment lead Dr. McMakin to develop over 2000 protocols that have been observed to resolve complex and long standing conditions.

Her second book is more personal, and unfolds her life story mixed with the development of FSM. A unique feeling occurs when she has an idea that may resolve the patients condition. She comically describes it a little bird sitting on her shoulder, asking her questions, giving her hints. When she looks at a list of frequencies, the most important ones seem to stand out in bold print. She published a review article on a phenomena known as "The Smoosh”. When a frequency is correct, muscles nearby will go from feeling sleek and sinewy to feeling soft, like a baggy full of pudding. At the same time the person feel pleasantly relaxed, and may fall into a deep sleep, and awaken with a marked reduction in pain symptoms. She uses the “smoosh” to guide her, as she tries a wide variety of frequencies that might be helpful. Then, if needed, she could program a “Homecare” unit to go home with the correct frequencies for that particular patients condition.

I had the opportunity to see her in action at her recent “Core Seminar” in Bloomington, MN. Looking clearly 20 years younger than her current age of 74, she taught from 9-7PM, then treated difficult patients brought in by local practitioners for another two hours. She showed no sign of fatigue, she was intellectually sharp, and entertaining. I thought “I think I’ll take what she’s having”. I committed to applying all my learning resources to understanding the skillful use of microcurrent resonant therapies.

Having just returned from my second “basics” course, we got to reverse chronic low back pain secondary to endometriosis and repeated abdominal surgery and scarring. We saw frozen shoulders become fluid and fully mobile. We saw chronic headaches resolve with one treatment. We witnessed limited range of motion in several people’s neck become more mobile and free. We felt anxiety melt away, we felt “endorphins” flowing.

The potential for healing through resonant frequencies seems immense. Explore “The Resonant Effect”, both the book, and her online classes to learn more.


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