The Long Slow Fast

By Maria Musachio

You have probably heard of “The Incredible Journey”, but you have not yet heard about MY incredible journey. This is the story of how I went from overweight to average, from searching to knowing my purpose, from old age to youthfulness, and from fearful to courageous, all in the course of 10 days, plus the year running up to those 10 days.

My journey began a in March of 2018 when my doctor looked at my bloodwork and frowned. A low-carb diet was recommended due to pretty much high everything. I was 62, newly retired and feeling old, slow and overweight. Alright, I would try it.

It was hard! So different from what I was used to. And I am vegetarian so the allowance of meat for this diet was not helpful. But I persisted, day by day and started getting results. Weight started coming off. In May someone commented, “I’m glad someone’s getting skinny!” By August I had lost 35 pounds,

Something else happened in May. A close friend came to see me, all fired up. Not just about her recent vacation in AZ, but about fasting. She had lots of facts to promote its health benefits that were just what I was looking for: lower cholesterol, improved heart function, detoxification and more. She asked me to do a 10 day fast with her which I did. We were both amazed at how time expands when you fast. No shopping, no cooking, no planning, no cleaning up. The days just stretched out before us with endless potential. And the benefits were immediate. My joint pains were gone, all my inflammation disappeared, my mind was clear and I felt serene. It was great.

Then she dreamed up this big idea. Next year in March we could go to the Arizona desert and do a 30 day fast! Wow, I thought. Arizona in March sounds awesome. Not so sure about the fast. But what the heck, I wanted to be supportive of the dream, so I said ok. We had a vague and dreamy plan.

The next thing my friend got excited about, in December, was this “machine”, the FSM/Frequency Specific Microcurrent. Her enthusiasm was so great that I got one too, despite the high price tag. More about this later.

Our plans for the trip to AZ morphed several times during the winter, but by March we had been through a second extended fast and we were both low carb enthusiasts. We were ready to do this. My daughter gave my trip the nickname “Spirit Quest” which I loved!  My friend started her fast on Ash Wednesday, and I, a more moderate (less bold) participant, started 2 weeks later. I was going to try 16 days.

We started our fasts separately and met up in Phoenix AZ on my 6th day. I was a wreck and I told her so. I had fainted on day 5 and cracked my head on a tile floor. I’d been feeling nauseous and tired and it wasn’t going well.  She totally fixed me up, with minerals, a tall cool glass of cucumber celery juice from a nearby juice bar, and she sent me to bed that night with a lovely mug of warm vegetable broth that  settled me into a much needed deep sleep.

The next day we went into the desert, to our little cabin in Lost Dutchman State Park. The Spirit Quest began in earnest...

It’s hard to tell the story sequentially because everything began to flow, one thing into the next. We had been reading Steven Buhner‘s book, The Transformational Power of Fasting, and became inspired to simplify. We emptied our cabin of about half of the stuff we had brought along. It went back out to the van where it stayed, stuff we had thought we needed but really, not. The cabin became spacious and uncluttered, as did our minds. We meditated together every morning and again in the evening. In the spirit of self-discovery, we decided to practice silence each day, so from morning meditation (around 8 am) to evening meditation (around 5pm) we did not speak to each other. This was an amazing experience for me. Being alone with my thoughts had always seemed scary and I had really never spent time by, and with, myself. At the end of the first day of this practice I commented, “It was great! It was a totally pleasant and relaxing experience”. I began to give myself a small phrase to ponder during the day: How can I grow spiritually? How can I best serve others? What is God’s purpose for me? These phrases framed my spirit quest.

I also began singing every day. I had my autoharp, which my friend had encouraged me to bring along. I played for an hour, or two or three at a time, singing songs I had long forgotten, finding my voice and activating a joy I had lost touch with some time ago.

I began using my FSM machine in earnest. This is the key to my current feeling of youth. My friend assisted me in healing a ‘frozen shoulder’ injury stemming from a car accident 28 years ago. This relieved neck pain, restored my breathing and my breath (greatly improving my ability to sing), and relieved my constantly clenched jaw. I ran a frequency for fibromyalgia on my spine and relieved a nagging hip pain I’d been struggling with for the past year. I began to run “restore thyroid”  and “brain fog” daily. Then I added “anti-aging” and literally watched wrinkles disappear from my face! I ran a liver and kidney detox’ several times accompanied by a daily dose of psyllium to assist with detoxification. Then I started a nightly program called “sleep, extended”. I began to sleep eight hours a night which I hand not done in truly, years. I ran “fracture acute” to heal the head injury I received when I fainted, and “concussion” just in case. The fracture was completely healed in 10 days, though all the bruising was gone by the 6th day. I got so excited about the immediate results I was getting that I started a personal study of this amazing contraption, reading FSM in Pain Management by Carolyn McMakin DC, and signing up for a training seminar in November so I can spread this healing around!

A beautiful thing happened. My friend was reading a poem to me by Mary Oliver one evening. I had been pondering my future and what it held for me. Was I to begin a new career? Was I to focus my attention on an important political issue? Should my focus be local, within my community, or should I think bigger? And then her words came,”God put me here to find happiness…” It was so profoundly clear for me. It doesn’t matter what I do. Yes, I should do everything. But my purpose is to find happiness in everything I do and to bring happiness to every task, every situation, every relationship I encounter. Thank you Mary Oliver.

We had been doing a modified fast, that is, not a strict water fast. We had been supplementing with coconut water (8-12 oz/day and 1 carb per ounce) and a drink called Kavita, (probiotic based, 4-10 carbs per 16 ounces). We were also drinking a tsp of vegetable broth (Better than Boullion brand, 2 carbs/tsp.) in the evening. We tried water only for a day and decided against it because it caused us to feel unwell and very lethargic. Our spirit quest slowed and we felt less, not more, invested in the work we were doing.  During our stay in the desert I had been walking short trails each day, maybe a mile total, being mindful of my energy and not wanting to overdo it. My friend had gotten me to walk a longer trail earlier in the week and it had exhausted me. On day 14 I was feeling really good, so good that I decided to walk the 2.5 mile trail again. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it did not tax me as it had the first time I walked it. The following day, I walked it a second time adding a half mile segment and cutting my walking time by half an hour. The next day, my 16th and final day of fasting, I walked 3 and a half miles and returned with energy to spare! Those few supplements, along with the FSM treatments, seemed to bring us down the road to supreme wellbeing.

So, my Spirit Quest brought healing to my body, rejuvenation to my mind and fulfillment to my spirit. That’s my incredible journey. As I reflect on the experience, I am rather euphoric. I could never have imagined such amazing results. I feel younger, stronger, and smarter than I ever. My bond with my friend is so much richer for the experience of having supported each other through this process. When I walk back in to the life I stepped out of for two short weeks, I will be all new. It has been a long process, I made slow and steady progress, and the fast has changed my life for the better, and forever.